Integrate LGN directly into your AI system

LGN works directly with AI system developers.

We focus on high data volume, sensor-based applications, fleet scale deployments and active / continuous learning systems.

Demonstration of capabilities

You provide a training data set to LGN and we will send you back a drastically reduced subset of that data, that actually improves training performance of your model.

Create an account by clicking 'Get started' below. With our Intelligent Select app, upload your dataset and we'll send you a notification as your smaller, smarter data is ready to download.

Soon we'll be launching a Amazon Machine Image (AMI), so you'll be able to reduce the dataset size without the upload to us!

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Pilot / technical integration

Our lightweight model is deployed on your existing edge hardware (minimal compute is required). Following integration in the cloud the data will start to arrive in near real-time for you to improve and update your AI.

Deployment options

LGN can be deployed on any edge hardware, without the need for high end GPUs. We're already live as a standalone web-app and will soon have integrations live with all major cloud providers.

The two primary deployment routes are cloud only, where you use LGN to optimise a cloud-based AI workflow and edge + cloud, where you deploy LGN both in your cloud and across your node / edge deployment, for example in vehicle or IoT devices.

Edge > Cloud

Deploy the LGN model directly onto edge hardware (GPU or custom chips) across your fleet or IoT deployment. The model then selects and compresses data to send to LGN decoder running in your private cloud.

Cloud Only

Deploy the LGN model and decoder within your private cloud, for example using Amazon SageMaker or Azure ML Studio. LGN typically reads from an ingest bucket, processes and writes selected data back to an egest bucket.

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