It’s easy to get into an argument about the hardest parts of building a company. I think we can all agree, if you wanted an easy life, then it’s not something you’d likely do at all.

Talent however, seems to be close to, if not the top of most peoples lists. ‘Do these people believe in the journey?’, ‘Can they stomach the inevitable ups and downs?’, ‘Are they top of their field?’, ‘Can they do what we need them to do?’, ‘Will they work great together as a team?’, and maybe slightly less importantly, but a favourite of mine ‘Can I enjoy a beer with them?’. Finding great people to tick all these boxes is challenging. Finding enough of them to win is even harder.

LGN’s CTO Vlad Ceperic hold’s a professorship at the University of Zagreb (the most recent in a long line of impressive adademic placements). The partnership that we’re annoucing today gives LGN carte blanche access to the universities very best machine learning and machine vision enginnering and scientific talent. Those working on their Masters and PhD’s are offered part-time and full-time positions with us in our Zagreb office.

We’re incredibly proud to be working with the University of Zagreb, giving their finest students their first opportunities and seeing what we can build together. It’s a huge advantage for the company as we race to develop the foundations for the future of AI.

See you soon, Dan