Every company has had it, but that doesn’t make it feel any more ‘normal’. “Demo Day”, “an opportunity to tell a room packed of a few hundred people all about what you’ve been working on”. Or as I heard it “go on stage, don’t fall over, don’t forget your name and tell the world about your baby, trusting they’ll love it”.

A deep breath, and off we go.

I’m delighted (relieved) to say it couldn’t have gone any better. I felt that we told our story compellingly, explained the problem and laid our our plans to solve it all as rehearsed. Even the odd joke went down well!

Following the pitch, our booth was packed with deeply interested investors and potential clients. The team did an amazing job at fielding the questions and just generally being awesome.

Dare I say, I’m ready for the next moment in the spotlight.

See you there, Dan