Over the last few months, LGN has been taking part in the Plug and Play Mobility program based in the aptly named Sunnyvale, CA. We’ve loved taking part in the program, building new relationships and learning new things. I’d recommend it to any company starting out as a brilliant way to get all the advice you didn’t even know you needed!

Everything builds towards Demo Day - a day where hundreds of corporate partners fill a hall and watch the world’s newest and most innovative companies pitch their wares. Some find it exhilarating, others petrifying. But it’s all part of the course and frankly, you can’t build a business without getting on stage to be judged.

I’m proud to say that we came through as a top finalist from the day. We had incredible follow up meetings with new partners that I could have only dreamed to be talking to at our current stage, whatever comes of them - we sure have learnt a lot about their problems and how they think about the world.

Feel free to reach out to me if you’re thinking of applying or if the thought on jumping on a stage gives you the shakes!

See you soon! Dan