Multi-sensor calibration is hard. It’s so hard in fact that some of the world’s leading autonomous driving companies are still spending hours each day, per vehicle, calibrating the sensors using checker-boards - much like in the picture above.

But even before we get to truely autonomous systems, sensor calibration is causing a real issue today. A modern vehicle will have a plethora of sensors to assist the driver, but should any of these become damaged or fail - it’s far beyond a simple swap at the garage. The recalibration of the entire system can cause excessive downtime as well as serious expertise at the shop.

We’re proud to be leading the way in a fully software driven Auto-Calibration of all sensors. No more wasted hours before the system can be deployed in the morning, and no more machine vision engineer job postings at your local mechanics. It’s not just us talking about this, check out the in depth blog by our good friends over at Trucks.VC - Research Brief: Sensor Calibration for Automated Vehicles.

See you soon! Dan