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Scale out AI system training across large, real-world deployments.

Automatically calibrate multi-sensor fusion perception systems.

LGN Auto-Calibrate

Complex AIs rely on a stream of consistent and expected data, which isn’t always easy outside of development environments.

With LGN Auto-Calibrate™, daily calibration and system errors are a thing of the past. Our latent-space based software system balances and automatically connects your AI to the sensor array.

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LGN Intelligent Select

Autonomous systems need to be able to handle and cope with real world edge cases. This requires training the systems on a wide variety of edge case data.

LGN Intelligent Select™ massively reduces capture and processing costs by automatically filtering data to only record and process edge cases and by transferring and storing data in highly compressed form.

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Explore the benefits for real world AI systems

Reduce transfer and processing costs

LGN Intelligent Selected data is hand picked for it’s value to you. But it’s also much smaller than the raw data itself. Transfer all the value with no concerns of bandwidth.

Reduce labelling and classification costs

With such a drastic reduction in the amount of data, labelling and processing costs can shrink by over 90%, leaving behind just the highest value data. Less is more.

Optimise AI training workflows

The data that LGN Intelligently Selects for you is specifically for the biggest improvement of your model. Now when it comes to re-training your workflow can be faster than ever.

Continuously optimise data collection

With Intelligent Select by LGN running at the edge, you’re constantly learning about an ever changing environment. Keeping your model fresh and able to handle whatever the new world may throw at it.

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