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Latent space based sensor fusion.

LGN Fusion is a latent-space based fusion and calibration product that creates a resilient, stable input for multi-sensor perception systems.

Stable input for multi-sensor perception systems

  • fuse sensor feeds into a latent space based representation
  • creates a much more stable input for perception and scene understanding

Handle sensor failure and degradation

  • maintain scene understanding despite sensor degradation
  • continue to operate safely, even in the face of whole sensor failure

Avoid re-calibration and re-training

  • swap out and re-position sensors without the need for re-calibration
  • reduce the operational maintenance requirements of autonomous systems

LiDAR scans with sensor degradation and removal.
Degraded inputs in blue. Stable outputs in red.

Perception system resiliency

LGN worked with a major autonomous vehicle company to demonstrate resilient scene understanding in the event of sensor degradation or failure.

LGN used our unique latent space technology to build a resilient scene input to a downstream perception model.

We then tested stability by both obscuring and then removing sensors. We were able to demonstrate fully stable scene understanding despite entire sensor failure.

Result → Tolerated entire sensor failure

98% accurate scene understanding when removing 1 of 4 LiDAR sensors mounted in an array with partially overlapping field of view.

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