Enterprise grade edge AI software.

LGN sells AI software products and works with enterprises as a long-term partner to design, develop and operate edge AI systems successfully at scale.

Add AI capabilities to existing edge devices.

LGN Sense adds edge AI capabilities to existing hardware products without any need for in-house edge AI or data science capability.

Add edge AI capabilities to existing products

  • integrate state-of-the-art AI/ML models into existing sensor hardware
  • to add smart capabilities like object detection and scene understanding

Convert product sales into recurring revenue

  • provide a continuous upgrade path to recieve latest model updates
  • adding a recurring subscription element to existing unit sales

Without any need for an in-house AI capability

  • LGN provide core expertise in common machine learning applications
  • especially with vision systems and high bandwidth optical sensor processing

Smart surveillance

LGN worked with an international camera distributor/reseller to add built in object detection to their industrial CCTV IP cameras.

LGN integrated a pre-trained YOLOv3 model with a supervision stack and continuous update workflow. The supervisor was integrated into the existing web-based control interface of the camera product. This allowed users to stop and start the AI processing, view a stream of automatically overlayed images showing detected objects and optionally consume a time series data feed over a web service interface.

Result → AI enabled camera

Enabled $30 increase in wholesale unit price and option to re-sell with subscription revenue with zero changes to existing hardware BOM.

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