Edge AI.
Under control.

LGN's edge AI management software puts you in complete technical and financial control of your edge AI.

This allows you to scale out edge AI products without exploding your costs.

Take control of your
edge AI

Take control of your edge AI by orchestrating your deployments, supervising your models, optimising your system learning and controlling your costs.

Orchestrate your edge AI deployments

Extend OpenShift and Kubernetes orchestration and networking to the mobile edge.

Manage AI model deployment and serving on low-power, edge devices.

Supervise your edge AI models

Monitor how your models perform when exposed to the variety of real world data.

Gather relevant data and use it to continuously retrain and update your models over time.

Optimise your edge AI system learning

Optimise data selection trade-offs to reduce the data that you need to transfer and process.

Without sacrificing visibility, learning and explainability.

Control your edge AI costs

Reduce capex by optimising models to run on cheaper hardware.

Control opex by reducing the volume and resolution of data transfered from edge and processed in the cloud.

Get edge AI out of the lab and into the real world.

Scale out edge AI product deployments that work reliably, deliver commercial results and allow you to learn faster than your competitors.

Photo of an autonomous car braking

Deploy edge AI systems at scale

  • get edge AI out of the lab into the real world
  • scale out commercial product deployment
Photo of an wind farm inspection

Operate resiliently in the real world

  • run reliably on real hardware and sensor data
  • handle unseen data and sensor degradation
Illustration of an AI learning

Learn faster than your competitors

  • replace batch training with continuous learning
  • radically increase your overall learning speed

Using LGN’s real world edge AI services.

Scale out edge AI, optimise models for real hardware and build resilience to edge cases and externalities.


Scale out commercial products across large deployments of edge devices, smart sensors and autonomous vehicles.


Optimise edge AI models to run inference reliably on edge devices and resource constrained hardware in real world environments.


Cope with unseen data, anomalies and edge cases, as well as externalities like sensor degradation and failure.

How to get in touch

Contact LGN to speak to our sales team about our edge AI products and services.

Contact us Email sales@lgn.ai
Photo of Sebastian Peck

“Autonomous cars represent a major innovation with the potential to revolutionise how people travel and its impact on the environment. To realise it we need to create more robust systems. LGN’s technology enables AI systems training at scale which is critical for real-world progress.”

Sebastian Peck,
Managing Director, InMotion

Photo of Chris Dunley

“The volumes of data in autonomous driving have grown to such extraordinary levels. LGN's team of edge AI specialists gets the financial impact of this problem. Working with them has the potential to have enormous commercial benefit to Bosch.”

Chris Dunley,
Head of Growth Operations

Photo of Claudio Simao

“Large scale continuous learning at the edge, of the kind being pioneered by LGN, is a major paradigm shift in AI development and I believe is essential to developing higher-level autonomy.”

Claudio Simao,
CEO & President, Asia-Pacific

Photo of Imtiaz Shams

“We run machine vision models on edge hardware in industrial poultry sheds. LGN has been instrumental to our ability to scale out our product deployments without exploding our data processing, annotation and model training costs.”

Imtiaz Shams,