Scale out resilient, real world ready AI

Go beyond R&D to scale out your AI system training across large, real world deployments.

Without exploding your transfer, storage and processing costs.

Radically reduce AI training costs


LGN's Intelligent Select has been proven to improve model performance on hard classes by 180% when using just 2.5% of the training data.

This translates to a direct saving in transfer, compute, processing and storage costs — allowing you to scale out the training and deployment of multi-sensor AI systems without exploding your costs.

LGN helps our distributed AI database process massive volumes of data in real time.

LGN’s auto-calibration technology is a real game changer for our complex multi-sensor systems.

LGN is a key part of scaling out data capture for the future of autonomous cars at Jaguar.

LGN Intelligent Select radically reduces the cost of training and supervising advanced AI sensor systems.

Earth Observation generates petabytes of data, LGN allows us to focus our resources on what’s important.

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