Edge AI at scale in the real world.

LGN’s services help you scale out edge AI deployments, optimise models for real hardware and build resilience to edge cases and externalities.

Moving to the edge

Our company has extensive experience in the field of Edge AI and offers a variety of services to help businesses take advantage of this technology. Our team can assist with hardware and sensor selection, model optimization, and integration with existing systems.

Additionally, we can provide custom solutions, training, and ongoing support to ensure that businesses are able to fully leverage the benefits of Edge AI. By addressing concerns related to latency, connectivity, and privacy, our team can help businesses improve their operations and drive success in their respective industries.

Model development

LGN builds models specifically that are to be deployed at the edge. We leverage our own tools to quickly deploy early versions of the model into the environments you need it to work in.

Our tools enable us to build your model in less than half of the time of any one else whilst being able to guarantee it will work on the edge just as you need it to.

We’ve built many models for a range of customers from detecting protective equipment to the visual weighing of livestock. Nothing is beyond our capabilities. Where we differ from others in the space, is you always own the model and the IP it generates. All built and operated for a manageable monthly fee.