Edge AI. Under control.

LGN’s edge AI management software puts you in complete technical and financial control of your edge AI.

This allows you to scale out edge AI products without exploding your costs.

Geo-distributed Kubernetes.

Creates a single Kubernetes Cluster across many compute devices spread across multiple geographies behind a variety of network configurations.

Illustration of an AI learning
  • Can be run on bare metal or VM instances

  • Supports ARM(including NVIDIA Jetson series of devices) and x86 architecture

Technology foundation

Allows for seamless integration of different cloud providers, making it easy for organizations to leverage the strengths of each provider for their specific workloads.

Multi cluster

Supports multi-cluster deployment and management, enabling organizations to easily manage and scale their clusters as their needs change.

Centralized management

Provides a centralized and unified view of their entire Kubernetes infrastructure, making it easier to monitor, troubleshoot and manage their clusters.

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